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High Fidelity’s live spatial audio client library is in early alpha development.

In this phase:

  • The use of this service is free of charge to those in our early alpha program. Pricing for this service, once it’s available for production applications, is here.
  • We offer no uptime guarantee yet, though we will make a concerted effort to avoid disruption where possible.
  • Maximum concurrency is 20 connections per space. This limit is for alpha testing, and production will offer more concurrency.
  • This service is offered for development only and should not be used for production applications at this time.
  • Accounts, applications, and spaces may need to be recreated when we move to a production-capable platform.
  • We will respond to support requests within one full business day, taking into account company holidays. Note that this specifies the time to first response, not time to resolution.

We’re excited to see (and hear) what you make with this!

If you love our spatial audio and want to use it in production sooner, please reach out to our team at contact@highfidelity.com.

Questions, feedback, or issues? File a support request here: