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Two people, one with a laptop and one iPad, looking up High Fidelity's documentation about the metaverse

Learn and grow with the metaverse

Get the best possible experience within our documentation

Review install requirements

There are different minimum requirements for Mac, PC, and mobile devices. To ensure the best experience using High Fidelity, check and see that you have the minimum specifications. 

Use in desktop or HMD

High Fidelity can be used with most HMD devices. Don't have an HMD? Desktop works, too. 

Learn basic controls and commands

Reduce your learning curve and start controlling your avatar right away. 

Create and customize your first avatar

Make the best possible version of your virtual self with tips and tricks to creating the perfect avatar in High Fidelity. 

Live, Learn, and Share

As you become a High Fidelity power user, share your expertise and experience and contribute to our documentation. 

Access documentation

Get in-depth answers and step-by-step instructions about how to join, play, engage, and create with High Fidelity. 

Access Documentation