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Discover an effective alternative to Dolby.io

The Advantages of High Fidelity

unlimited developer minutes
Free, unlimited use to develop and test integrations.
control-img 1
Full developer control over user positioning, loudness, room attenuation, and other aspects of the audio environment.
Low-latency delivers natural feeling conversations.
Infinitely scalable architecture.

High Fidelity vs. Dolby.io

Table showing the differences between High Fidelity's Spatial Audio API and Dolby.io's API
Feature High Fidelity Dolby.io
Free, Unlimited User Minutes for Development Yes icon-no 30K Limit
Unity SDK Yes icon-no No
Full Developer Control Yes icon-no Limited
Audio Occlusion Coming soon icon-no No
Concurrency Max Per Space 150 100
Pricing $0.0035/min per user; volume discounts available $0.0013/min per user for audio only; $0.0025 for audio+video

Shared Features

Data from High Fidelity and Dolby.io.

Table showing the shared features that both High Fidelity's Spatial Audio API and Dolby.io's API have
Feature High Fidelity Dolby.io
Server-Side Mixing Yes Yes
Spatial Audio Yes Yes
Web API Yes Yes
Music Yes Yes
AGC Available Yes Yes
AEC Available Yes Yes
Noise Cancellation Available Yes Yes
Moderation Tools Yes Yes
Special Effects icon-no No icon-no No

Ready to build?

Integrating spatial audio into your project is a snap. Here's everything you need to get started:


Detailed docs covering how our API works and sample code.

Guides + Examples

Complete guides and walkthroughs covering all you’ll need to get started.