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Get the Spatial Audio Client Library

Integrate Spatial Audio into your Web apps or into your NodeJS project. Contained here are the library files you can host on your own server and reference in your HTML or install the hifi-spatial-audio module

Install Client Libraries
Install with:

Integrate Spatial Audio into your NodeJS projects by installing the hifi-spatial-audio module. You can use this module with loaders like Webpack

Integrate Spatial Audio into your Swift projects.

API & SDK Reference Docs

Get all the information you may need on how to use our spatial audio with Javascript and Swift in our Client Library Docs. Programmatically create, manage, and delete spatial audio spaces with out Administrative REST API Docs.

Start here:

You have a High Fidelity account and you installed the Spatial Audio Client Library. So what comes next?  If you aren't ready to dive into documentation and your own integration, check out these step-by-step guides and code examples. 



Code Examples

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