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Open your High Fidelity bank account

Securely earn, manage, and spend HFC. Become a part of the High Fidelity economy.
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Step 1

Sign Up + Download

To get started, create your free account, download High Fidelity, and launch the application.

Open your High Fidelity bank account

Securely earn, manage, and spend HFC. Become a part of the High Fidelity economy.
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Step 2

Visit the Bank

Get an initial grant of High Fidelity Coin free by visiting the bank during banking hours or make an appointment. Your account balance can be found in your "inventory." 

Daily Bank Hours Pacific Time

  • 12 - 1 pm
  • 5 - 6 pm
  • 8 - 9 pm

Closed on Wednesdays and Sundays

Open your High Fidelity bank account

Securely earn, manage, and spend HFC. Become a part of the High Fidelity economy.
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Step 3

Buy (or Sell) on the Marketplace

You can spend and/or make money on the Marketplace. You can also give and receive money from other users. You can also exchange HFC for real, fiat currencies, like the US$.

Buy virtual goods

Support other users in our interactive marketplace, where you can purchase entities and supplies for your avatar and your world. 

Go to Marketplace

Earn Money

Upload your creations to the Marketplace and start making HFC from other users.

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What is High Fidelity Coin (HFC)?

High Fidelity Coin (HFC) isn’t like other coins. The Bank of High Fidelity manages the number of coins and we gradually increase the number of coins in circulation as the economy grows. HFC cannot be mined by users like Bitcoin or Ethereum, which makes it a stable cryptocurrency, where 100 HFC is equal to 1 USD.

HFC makes it possible for you to tie the exchange of digital goods to the blockchain, powering a global virtual economy.

Why is HFC a stablecoin?

Speculation in High Fidelity Coin as a cryptocurrency would be counter to our goal of creating a thriving economy in High Fidelity. If the real world value of HFC changed unexpectedly for non-economic reasons, the potential rewards for creators and those working in High Fidelity would become unpredictable, discouraging users to hold and trade with the currency. We want people to know they can cash out their HFC at any time for a fixed real-world value.

Can I trade HFC for USD?

Right now, yes. Our goal is to always have an easy way for creators to retrieve the money they’ve earned. We’re working now to expand the options to make it easy for creators to be paid. Online payment and similar services will be a part of our business as we grow. As we get bigger, however, we’re going to have to ensure that we’re using these services as intended and abiding by their terms of service.

Who can trade HFC and ETH?
All High Fidelity users will be able to trade HFC for ETH. An ETH wallet will be required.
What is the HFC to ETH exchange rate?

HFC is pegged to the US Dollar. US $1 = HFC 100. Since the value of ETH floats against the Dollar, the value of High Fidelity Coin floats against Ethereum in turn.

Does the value of HFC ever fluctuate?
No .  HFC is a “‘stablecoin” so we will be adjusting the money supply to keep the exchange rate constant. The rate is fixed at 100 HFC = 1 USD.
What if I want to withdraw my HFC?
  • Book an appointment at the Bank of High Fidelity to withdraw HFC by converting to US Dollars (USD).
  • After High Fidelity staff accept and confirm the time slot, they will whitelist the user to visit the TradingRoom domain. The user will be whitelisted based on their provided High Fidelity account name.
  • The transaction will go through PayPal. USD will be paid to the email account specified via the appointment booking form. Time to payment receipt will be based on PayPal rules and guidelines.
Something happened with my transaction. What now?
You may send inquiries about the trade process and the status of any transaction to support@highfidelity.com.
How do I receive payment for Marketplace items?
When logged in on the High Fidelity Interface, users will see HFC payments in the "Recent Activity" tab of their Inventory.
How do I set up a new place name?

You will need to have a High Fidelity account to purchase a Place Name. Place Names are US $20/year, and you need to renew the purchase every year to continue using it.

  1. Go to Places to purchase a Place Name. If you're not logged in, you will be prompted to do so.
  2. Click 'Create a Place Name'.
  3. Type in your new Place Name. Place Names must be 4-64 characters in length. Letters, numbers and hyphens are allowed. You can use a Place Name that is currently not purchased.
  4. Click 'Checkout Now'.
  5. You can complete the transaction with HFC, credit card number, PayPal account, or a coupon code.

See docs for more information.

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