How do I adjust my audio and microphone settings?

When you log into your virtual workplace for the first time, you will be logged in using your computer's default audio device. Usually, your computer will automatically detect a plugged in headset and you will not need to configure your audio devices any further. 

However, some setups do require additional configuration such as:

  • Using a different headset from the default device on your computer
  • Using an open mic setup (such as your computer's speakers and built-in microphone)
  • Your computer has some pre-set OS settings that affect your audio levels
  • Your mic is "hot" and picks up a lot of background noise, making it hard for others to hear you
  • You are in a loud place  

We understand that everyone's audio setup is unique, which is why we try to make it easy to adjust your audio settings. However, please note that some issues can be adjusted only at the operating system level. 

From the most basic to the more advanced, here's how you can adjust your adjust and fine-tune your audio settings for the most-immersive experience possible.

  • Practice good microphone etiquette by keeping your microphone at chin level and talking at a normal volume
  • Mute yourself if needed by clicking the microphone-512microphone icon at the top of the window
  • Mute yourself and silence all sounds coming from the virtual office by clicking the 500px-Speaker_Icon.svg speaker icon
  • Change your input and output devices, enable Push to Talk, and control the application audio by going to cog Settings > Audio
  • Modify your device settings through your Operating System:
    • On Mac: Go to System Preferences > Sound 

    • On Windows:

      1. Go to Control Panel > Sound

      2. Go to Settings > System > Sound

      3. Go to Control Panel > Hardware and Sound > Adjust System Volume

  • Some headsets have external software that let you fine-tune their settings. Open these proprietary tools to adjust their settings