How to Stream Media into High Fidelity

Here are some tips to help you stream media successfully in High Fidelity

When streaming media into High Fidelity, here's what we recommend checking in order to make the experience smooth.

  • Use a network that has sufficient upstream bandwidth. We recommend ~20mb up.
  • When possible, connect the device that is streaming the media to your network with an ethernet cable. If you can’t do this, make sure your device has a strong connection to the wifi router.
  • If you have to use wifi, think about how many other devices at your location will be connected to the network at the time of the performance. If you test when there are fewer connections, during the actual event, you might find yourself starved for bandwidth which will cause data loss and poor audio quality.
  • Make sure that the dot that is ‘playing’ the media is not also broadcasting High Fidelity’s audio back into the environment, creating an echo. Confirm that you have the correct monitoring/routing by playing audio through the performer’s dot, logging in a second dot and walking up to it and talking to it. If it is working, you should not hear yourself echo through the performer’s dot.