Playing Cards in High Fidelity

High Fidelity offers the ability to play with a general purpose deck of cards.

Starting or Joining a Game

To get started, open the menu in High Fidelity, and select "Play Cards".

Play Cards highlighted in the menu.

A menu will appear titled "Card Games". The button to "Start New Game" will bring a deck of cards to your space. If others are in the space and hosting their own games, the menu will show you a list of current games to join above the "Start a new game" button. You can only join one game at a time.

Card Games menu to start a new game. 

If you select "Start New Game", you will see the deck under your avatar. You can move away to see it.

Avatar below the deck of cards.

Drawing, Picking, and Flipping a Card

Drawing a card:

Anyone in the same game can draw a card. The number on the deck will lower until there's no more cards left to draw.

To draw and pick a card, follow the steps here:

  1. Click the the deck pile to draw a card.
  2. Upon drawing a card, the card appears face down with a white background on top of the deck pile."


Moving Cards

Here is a list of tips to remember about moving and claiming cards.

  • To move a card, click on one and drag it to move.
  • While dragging a card, you will see your personal area highlighted in the color of your avatar. Dragging a card over to this area changes the card color to match. If the card is dropped in your area, the card belongs to you. 
    There is a circular area around the avatar that is highlighted in the person's color. There is a card inside the area.
  • If a card is dropped in someone else's area, the card belongs to that person and cannot be flipped, moved, or claimed by anyone else.
  • If a claimed card is moved out of the person's area, it becomes unclaimed again.
  • A player can move their own cards or any cards that are unclaimed.
  • If a face down card is moved into a player's space, they will see the card face but others will not. Below you will see an image on the left of how it looks when a card is face down. It has a colored highlight. On the right, the card is face up and there is no colored highlight.
    Card next to the avatar with a highlight of color.       Card next to the avatar with no highlight.

Flipping cards

A card can be face down for all, face down for all except the owner, or face up for all

  • Initially cards are drawn from the deck and lie face down.
  • You can flip any card that is not claimed or that belongs to you by clicking the card.
  • If a claimed card lying face down is moved out of the owner's cards area, the card remains face down.
  • If a claimed card lying face up is moved out of the owner's cards area, the card remains face up.

Leaving a Game

Open the menu in High Fidelity, and select "Play Cards. The options you will see are "Shuffle Deck" and "Leave Game"  If you are hosting a game and others are playing, the game will continue and someone else will become the host.

If you or someone else leaves the game with claimed cards, any cards they own should remain on the table but should become 'unclaimed' again.

Card Games menu.