How do I express myself in the virtual workplace?

We understand how important it is to express how you are feeling, wherever you are. And we definitely understand that this extends into the virtual world, and into your virtual workplace. We want you to feel free to express yourself freely not only through words, but also through body language, gestures, movements, and emoticons. 

Here are a few ways you can express yourself:

  • Simply Be: Out of the box, all of our avatars mimic common human interactions. When you speak, your avatar's hands will move. When you stand in one place, your avatar may shift its weight between its feet. Each of these animations make your avatar more expressive and lifelike.
  • Use an Emote: In addition to the idles mentioned above, we've also added some "on demand" emotes and gestures that you can use when you want.  To use these gestures, click on the emote icon in the lower left corner of your window. Then, choose the emote you want to use. Click the black emote icon again to close the emotes. 

    Each of the emotes also have a keyboard shortcut-- simply push it to use that emote! Your avatar will randomly cycle choose an animation that represents that emotion; for example, when you raise your hand, your avatar may raise your right hand, while other times, you may raise your left hand. emote-tray-3
  • Display an Emoji: If none of the gestures match what you're feeling, you can display an emoji over your head to capture the exact emotion you're trying to get across. Are you too cold? Try the freezing cold icicle cold-emoji emoji! Or if your co-worker just told a really great joke, laugh at it with the rotfl-emoji emoji. These and more are available for you to use in your virtual office as you interact with your colleagues! 

    To open the emojis, open the emote tray, and click on the emoji icon. Search for the emoji you want or choose from the vast collection of emojis. The emoji will appear over your avatars head for several seconds before gradually fading away. All other users in the vicinity will see the emoji and share in the experience with you.


NOTE: You can turn off the Emote user interface at any time if you find it gets in your way. To do so, go to cog Settings > General > Emote UI and turn off 'Show Emote UI'. When it is turned off, you will not be able to see the toolbar, but you can use the keyboard shortcuts to activate a gesture or to bring up the Emoji dialog. 

Now, have fun expressing yourself in the virtual world!