High Fidelity Audio Settings

Configure High Fidelity's audio settings to give you and the people around you the best experience. Here's how.

In High Fidelity, the audio experience is paramount. To support guests with all kinds of audio setups, we have several options to improve the experience based on different needs.

In this article, we will cover the following audio options: Echo Cancellation, Noise Suppression, and Automatic Gain Control. To find these options, open your menu in the upper left of High Fidelity and select Audio.

Audio menu

Echo Cancellation

Echo Cancellation prevents echoing from the user who enables it. For example, if one user doesn't have headphones and is playing audio from speakers, without this option enabled, users may hear their voices echo back from the speakers the audio is coming from. This feature negates that effect.


Noise Suppression

Noise Suppression filters out noise from the user's environment. This feature is best at reducing constant, droning, unchanging noise, such as aircraft humming, highway road noise, etc.


Automatic Gain Control

Automatic Gain Control evens out the volume heard by others if you're using a device or audio settings that make you sound very loud or very quiet. If others mention that you are too loud or too quiet, try this option.


Note: Automatic Gain Control and Noise Suppression are not supported on iOS.