How Do I Change My High Fidelity Background Image?

Change your High Fidelity background image via the space's URL.

To change the background image in High Fidelity to one of your own choosing, simply change the URL you are using to get to a space. For example, for a space with the URL

You would add a link to the image you want as your background to the end of it, like so:

In the above, backgroundURL is a URL to file hosted elsewhere.

The final link would look something like this:

When you have your link, open it in your browser to access High Fidelity with the new background image.

NOTE: Background images must be 2048 x 2048 PNG or JPG files, no larger than 2mb in file size.

You must specify an HTTPS image, rather than HTTP, or else users will see “Not Secure” in their browser when they visit your server.

Sample Backgrounds

To get started, here are a few sample backgrounds you can try, with URLs.

A stage with seating for a graduation ceremony, on a grassy field.

A swimming pool with lounge seating around.

World Map.

A garden with a  water fountain in the center.

A grassy cliff edge with water ocean water on the side.

An outdoor wedding venue in a park



Share with Others

For others to see the same background image you do, they need to come in to High Fidelity using the same link you are using. 

To get this link:

  • Click the menu in the upper left hand of your High Fidelity window.
  • Select "Invite"
  • Click "Copy Link". The link will have the background image URL automatically appended to it.
  • Send that link to the person or people you wish to invite to your server.

Create Your Own

You can create your own map for your High Fidelity space! To give your guests the best possible experience in your space, check out Designing Custom Maps for High Fidelity.