How Do I Change the Scale of My High Fidelity Map?

You can change the scale of your High Fidelity space's background by following these instructions.

Please note: Because High Fidelity is in early development, this advanced feature is subject to change without warning. 

Modifying the Map Scale

To modify the size of the map in High Fidelity's units of measure (1 "SU" equals 1 meter), you will need to modify the `Comment` field of the Exif data of the image you are using for the background. Ensure that the `Comment` field contains data in this format:

{"mapWidthSU": <Desired map width in SU>, "mapHeightSU": <Desired map height in SU>}

For example:

{"mapWidthSU": 500, "mapHeightSU": 500}

On Windows, you can use Exif Pilot (free) to modify your map image's Exif data.

On MacOS, you can use ExifTool by Phil Harvey (free) to modify your map image's Exif data.

ExifTool Example Usage

ExifTool is a command line tool. Here is an example of how to use it in a Terminal window (after you install it):

exiftool -UserComment='{"mapWidthSU": 100, "mapHeightSU": 100}' map.jpg

This will instruct High Fidelity to treat `map.jpg` as a 100x100 meter world. After running this command, one would upload `map.jpg` to a CORS-enabled host and point High Fidelity at that map using the procedure above.