How Do I Invite Others to Join Me in High Fidelity?

Invite others to your High Fidelity space by giving them an invite link or QR code.

Choose where people appear when they first come in to your High Fidelity space! People will enter in the location in which you're standing when you copy your invite link or QR code.

To keep your space private, please be careful how and with whom you share your link. 


Your guests do not have to have a High Fidelity account, or have their own High Fidelity space, to join you. All they need is an invite link!

Get and Copy the Invite Link

  1. Click the menu in the upper left hand of your High Fidelity window.
  2. Select "Invite"
  3. Click "Copy Link", or a picture of the QR code, and send it to your guests. You can enlarge the QR code by clicking "+Bigger". 

NOTE: If you share a link via an app, ask your guests to copy the server link from the app, and use a supported browser to access the space. Otherwise, they may run into errors when trying to join. Read more on this here: "Incompatible Browser" Error