Welcome to High Fidelity's Virtual Office!

This application is in private beta. Request early-access here! 


High Fidelity's new virtual office software closes the distance between remote team members, and connects them through a shared virtual office. With a computer and a headset, engage with your colleagues, collaborate in meetings and interact in shared social experiences. Get to know your remote team as if you traveled into the office, and benefit from being “together” no matter where you are.

This application (yet to be formally named) is built off of High Fidelity's open-source VR platform, which provides built-in social features, including avatar interactions, spatialized audio and interactive physics.

Get to Know Your Space

Your virtual office includes these features:

  • The Map is one of the first things you'll see when you enter your virtual office. The map shows you the location of all of the studios, meeting rooms and social areas on the island. Click on an area of the map to get transported there.
  • The Help Desk is staffed to help you with whatever you need in your virtual office! Want to know how this all works? Need help troubleshooting a technical issue? Simply want to talk to someone about the weather? Stop by the desk and chat with one of our helpers!
  • Studios are open gathering spaces for teams to work together collaboratively in a named area. While they are not sound-proof, they do have some sound reduction from the social areas and they have collaboration tools provided, such as whiteboards, tables and chairs.
  • Small Meeting Rooms sit up to 4 people, and provide private places to hold small meetings or to focus on your work without outside disruption. These sound-proof rooms have a privacy mode, so that you can close the door and roll down the window shades for confidentiality or a bit of peace and quiet.
  • Large Meeting Rooms sit up to 12 people, and have standing room for many more. Use these to hold meetings for large groups, all while keeping the discussion confidential among the participants.
  • Spatialized 3D Audio helps you focus on the voices of the people closest to you, while still maintaining the murmur of conversations further away.
  • Nametags identity the other people in your virtual workplace up close or from a distance.
  • Use Whiteboards for presentations, at meetings, or to keep notes in your studio spaces.
  • Sit in chairs and in spaces around your HQ with the Click to Sit buttons. Press the space bar to stand back up.