What is a Host Link and How Do I Use It?

As the host of a space, you have access to a menu with additional, administrative options.

NOTE: This feature is in its early stages and will be developed further over time. High demand for the capabilities below inspired us to get this version out to users for feedback.

When you request a new High Fidelity space, you'll receive an email with two important links:

  • The first is the regular link to your space, which you can use to invite friends in.
  • The second, longer link, is your "Host Link", which grants access to an admin panel with additional features. 

NOTE: Please do not give others your Host Link unless you want them to have the same administrative options as you do in your space.

The Admin Panel

High Fidelity's admin panel

The Admin menu will let you change the following settings:

  • "Other users can mute me" - When this is checked off, it makes your avatar impossible to mute. This is a great option for presenters and DJs.
  • By default, as host, you are permanently able to bypass the user limit on the space.
"Distance from which I can be heard:" lets you choose how you are heard by your guests. Below are the options listed and their descriptions:
  • Normal - People close to you will hear you clearly and those who are further away and more faintly.
  • Far - Your voice will travel further than normal. This is a good option for streaming audio such as music played by DJs.
  • Everywhere - This allows everyone on the map to hear you loud and clearly. This is a great option for announcements.


You can temporarily kick someone out of your space by clicking on their dot and selecting Kick, as below.

The Kick icon on another user's profile.

The person you have kicked out will see a gray screen and a message that they have been kicked. They will be able to come back if they refresh their browser.

This feature is best used as a quick solution to audio disruptions that a guest may not be aware they are causing.

Host Links for Pre-Existing Spaces

If you have an older High Fidelity space, and you would like to take advantage of the Host Link features, just request a new space.

If you have a customized background, just append the portion of your old space's URL that references your custom background to the new space URL.