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We're working on a bold, innovative virtual reality platform that's designed to get the best results from your remote team.

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High Fidelity is an open-source virtual reality software platform helping 3D artists, developers, and creators build virtual reality spaces for up to 500 people.

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3D world in High Fidelity VR showing many 3D avatars hovering against a bright blue ceiling. There is a robot kitten, blue robot, Big Chungus, Woody, dragon, and more.

A growing, thriving metaverse

In our metaverse, you get unlimited opportunities to grow, build and explore worlds. The High Fidelity metaverse enables you to create unlimited space and interconnect servers to grow and the ability to experience virtual reality together, in real time. 

A virtual world that brings us together

The design of High Fidelity allows unlimited worlds with virtual experiences that feel real. Create the space you want and be a part of building a bigger, more expansive metaverse. 

Create your own virtual world

Create that space you want. The design of High Fidelity allows domains (a virtual world or environment) to be of any size, with their internal regions partitioned to be serviced by many different servers, each with the capacity that we have been load testing. 

Experience VR in real time

As you move around domains you will be switched from server to server, and those servers can be nested together into an architecture. You will experience the metaverse in real-time with other users, with distant sounds, people, or objects to be approximated by servers at higher layers in the tree. 

Travel the metaverse

We allow many different people and institutions to deploy virtual world servers, interconnecting those servers so that you and digital objects can travel among them, and harnessing shared computing devices to scale content and load. 

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Happy Boombox

Play music in your virtual space.

Cyberpunk Apartment

A complete environment that will replace all the content in your Sandbox domain.


A shy, anxious looking monster avatar.


A simple water shader.

Animated Fairy Wings

These beautiful wings can be attached to any avatar.

Priscilla: Photoreal Avatar

This detailed, photorealistic avatar was created using a real model.


This skybox shows the Earth, the moon and the Sun from a vantage point in space.


Send out cables to latch onto and pull you towards distant objects.

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