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We're working on a bold, innovative virtual reality platform that's designed to get the best results from your remote team.

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High Fidelity is an open-source virtual reality software platform helping 3D artists, developers, and creators build virtual reality spaces for up to 500 people.

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Step 1

Sign-Up + Download

To get started, create your free account, download High Fidelity, and launch the application.

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3D avatar standing in High Fidelity's open source VR platform.
Step 2

Select or Create Your Avatar

Your avatar is your in-world representation of you. It's your identity. Learn more about avatars here.

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Step 3

Take a Tour

You will start in-world in a local domain by yourself. A brief intro will introduce the movement controls and teach users how to use High Fidelity. Afterward, open your "GoTo" menu and explore!

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3D virtual world in High Fidelity VR of Philip Rosedale (as 3D avatar) talking with another 3D avatar.
Step 4

"GoTo" Virtual Places

High Fidelity is like the Internet for VR. Open up your "GoTo" app and start seeing what kinds of places people are creating. You'll meet people who are building the metaverse.

Virtual platforms should be decentralized

The metaverse should not be corporately owned or controlled. High Fidelity is the ONLY thriving open source, decentralized platform.

How it works

Freedom from toxic users

High Fidelity gives you freedom and privacy, including control of who can see where you are in-world and who enters places you own. Plus, protect your personal space by enabling your Privacy Bubble app.

Users first

You own your creations

Your virtual content assets (avatars, worlds, creations) are owned by you, verified and protected by blockchain technology, and accessible in your Inventory app.


Build today for growth tomorrow

You can host up to 500 avatars in one virtual space at the same time.

How it works

A virtual community driven by people who believe

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How the metaverse works

Visionaries building virtual communities

Portrait of Teresa Pascarelli, VR lead actress on the Fumblelands VR television series

Teresa + Lucio Pascarelli

We are creators of the Fumbleland, a children's TV series produced by JB Productions that airs on Italian TV. The Fumbleland scenes are “filmed” in High Fidelity VR by recording the avatars of live actors wearing VR gear. The multiuser VR environment allows the director, actors, set designers and stagehands to interact remotely through High Fidelity, just as they would on a real-life film set. Not only can viewers watch the show on TV, but they can also visit the Fumbleland in VR. Learn More

Visionaries building virtual communities 

Portrait of XaosPrincess' 3D avatar in High Fidelity's decentralized, open source platform, protected by the blockchain.


My background is in film production. I take delight in hosting and being a part of community events. I love to mingle with people and get them as enthusiastic about HiFi as I am. Swing by my place hifi://XaoticA or check out my items in the Marketplace.

Visionaries building virtual communities 

Kevin Thomas' 3D avatar, an engineer who did original QA testing in Javascript in High Fidelity's open source VR software.

Kevin M Thomas

I developed the first Test Engineering environment for the original QA Testers in JavaScript. I am one of the original alphas for High Fidelity and currently focus my attention on musical performances and 3D artist work.

Visionaries building virtual communities 

3D avatar Woody, a protected blockchain asset in High Fidelity's open source platform, representing VR engineer Bill Mar.

Bill Mar

I'm an engineer/entrepreneur building assets, solutions, and experiences for VR. I hope to integrate smart contracts and other web protocols with related projects so its all easily viewable globally.

Visionaries building virtual communities

Close up headshot of a 3D avatar in High Fidelity VR platform, it is an eyeball with an orange iris and visible blood vessels.


I am a developer within the High Fidelity community who mainly works with 3D modeling. Before High Fidelity, I had never created a 3D model. I am very active in putting items into the Marketplace and love to show people around. My domain is VRcade which I initially started alone and then a wild 'Moog' appeared and he was very effective. Now we build VRcade as a team and with the help of other developers in the community.

Community Transparency

Attend community events to listen and be heard.

Event Calendar

Robust Roadmap

You can view our product roadmap, submit open source proposals, and report bugs to help advance the platform.

Developer Roadmap

Decentralized + Scalable

No other VR platform allows people complete control over their own experience and creations.

Make Money

Built for Scale + Open Source

We're building the Internet of VR together. Up to 500 people can be in the same virtual space at the same time.


People first


Get inspired to build with easy-to-follow examples and tutorials

Build Amazing Things


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