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API Updates: New Sample Apps, Discord Server, and More

by Maia Hansen VP of Engineering

We just released a new (0.3.0) version of the Spatial Audio Client Library and API, and we have updates to share! Please feel free to reach out to us at support@highfidelity.com with your own feedback and any questions.

Here's What's New

We've released a whole host of sample applications that we built during a week-long internal team hackathon, and all of them are available for you to use in your own work! Check out High Fidelity's Spatial Audio API Examples in our Github repository to learn more. Some of our favorites are:


A basic, but complete, 2D multi-user spatialized sound demo.


Set up and position audio nodes to experience different spatialized arrangements.

Screenshot of Tracks

Street Meet 

This experimental sample app uses Google's StreetView so you can have a meeting almost anywhere in the world!

Street Meet

There are also examples available in that repository of using High Fidelity's Spatial Audio in combination with a video stream from other communications companies, such as Twilio, Agora, TokBox, or Daily.io. Check out our experimental video chatting with Twilio application code for an example.

Twilio Video Chat With Spatial Audio
And a few more updates:

Discord Server for Developers

Lastly, in case you missed it, we also put up a Discord server for developers using the Spatial Audio API. When you sign up for a free developer account, you’ll get an invite to the server. Ask us questions, connect with other developers, share your projects, ideas and more!

Published by Maia Hansen March 1, 2021

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