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Spatial Audio For Group Voice Chat

Deliver the Best Audio Experience

Power natural conversations that make people feel like they're "in the room" together.

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Trusted by developers

who are committed to delivering the best audio experience to their customers

Technology Specifications

Advanced Audio Processing On The Client
[Not The Server]

  • Offers complete developer control for flexible integrations into native- and web-applications
  • Eliminates third-party dependencies or libraries due to the self-contained code
  • Operates with any streaming service or tech stack where individual streams are available at the client
  • Allows for end-to-end encryption
  • Works with Acoustic Echo Cancellation
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// Upgrades the WebRTC audio pipeline using a Javascript library

// Delivers the highest performance possible as it is written in WebAssembly and WebAssembly SIMD


Native SDK

// Simulates the mixing of 64 streams using a command-line app within the C++ source code, which can also be used for testing and benchmarking

// Preserves battery due to optimization for both x86 and ARM processors

Features & Benefits

Connecting People With
Extraordinary Digital Audio That...

Makes voices and sounds clearer and easier to understand
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Reduces and/or cancels background noise
conversation bubbles-3
Handles all simultaneous talkers, sources, and nearfield audio effects successfully
noise cancellation (2)
Powers ASMR-like nearfield HRTF effects, like a whisper, to enhance immersion and presence
Provides the ability to apply azimuth and distance transforms for 3D applications
sound levels-3
Incorporates the Opus Codec for recording-studio quality sound
We integrated High Fidelity's technology with our own audio processing to make Clubhouse conversations feel more natural and immersive.
Justin Uberti @ Clubhouse
Your support has been swift, and I regret spending as long as I did trying to get [another solution] to behave itself and not switching sooner. I have, in the past few years, worked with over 9 different VoIP systems besides yours, from Flash based RTMP applications, to deeply integrated "run it over your own messaging stack" SDKs. I have never had as few issues with a voice service, as I have had with High Fidelity.
Adam Frisby
CPO at Sine Wave Entertainment Ltd
I have implemented a lot of software in my life and High Fidelity has been a piece of cake.... Our users are just blown away by the audio experience.
Ara Kevonian
CEO at Soundstage
High Fidelity is far better than anything else on the market.
Eric Pulier
CEO at Vatom
We needed to specify our users' locations without sacrificing the quality of the audio. High Fidelity does that perfectly. I'm so happy.
Soo Ling Lim
CEO at Hubbub
Using High Fidelity means much better audio quality, more accurate 3D sound, lower latency, more cross-browser compatibility, many more simultaneous audio streams per room, and a much better experience for everyone.
Andy Baio
CEO at Skittish


Online Meetings ➔ Virtual Events
Virtual Reality Augmented Reality
Social Audio ➔ Gaming
Entertainment And more...



The possibilities are endless. In development for 8+ years and built for the enterprise, High Fidelity's proprietary approach to audio allows platforms and apps to easily design and deliver robust, best-in-class immersive audio experiences that scale.

Flat Fee Pricing

Pay a flat annual license fee per application. You license the source code and are able to modify and tailor the code to your application's needs.

Not sure which licensing option is right for you? Get in touch.




Ideal for
early-stage startups
and noncommercial use




Ideal for
most commercial




Ideal for
large enterprises
with unique requirements

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