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Big Event Gatherings Are Doomed 

The way we socialize and interact in large groups has changed for the foreseeable future, if not forever. There are a lot of ways to communicate with people at a distance, but there is no one-size-fits-all solution — definitely not for large crowds. 

Zoom-fatigue Is Real

We don't want video all the time. And, studies support that humans can only handle so much of it. It works for one-to-many communication,  but you can't naturally interact as a group while you're stuck in a square. In-person gatherings allow multiple group conversations at the same time — High Fidelity lets you do that, virtually

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That was the first time any of the music from the new album was listened to in any type of group setting. It hasn't been possible these days. So that was very special to all gather up close and listen together.
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Rob Garza (Thievery Corp) San Francisco, CA
As a bar owner, it’s hard to recreate the social environment people are used to, online. This has done a great job of making you feel reconnected with your social circles in that way again.
doug dalton
Doug Dalton San Francisco, CA
We've thrown two parties with 100 of our friends who are scattered around the world. Can't wait to host our next one! Everyone loves it.
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Adam & Jo San Francisco, CA
It allows you to break off into smaller groups and socialize more intimately with different people at different times, much like you would at a party! The stereophonic sound definitely enhances the experience."
Anjan Mitra
Anjan M. San Francisco, CA

We have been so excited to work with High Fidelity to support our college partners across the country. Students are loving connecting in our social events and are blown away by the High Fidelity experience. With High Fidelity we are delivering exactly what students today are craving: authentic opportunities to connect and engage with their peers and the institutions they’re attending.

Vanessa Didyk (ZeeMee) San Francisco, CA

We loved it. One of our members said that this was the first time he’d actually enjoyed an online social experience. It was great being able to wander between conversations, without one person talking to everyone else all the time.

Richard Swan (London City Voices) London, UK