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Spatial Audio For Group Voice Chat

Deliver the Best Audio Experience

Power natural conversations that make people feel like they're "in the room" together.

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Add Spatial Audio to WebRTC or VOIP

For starters, conventional VOIP audio is like using walkie-talkies. Only one person can talk at a time, and it sounds like everything is coming from a single source because it's mono.

Spatial audio recreates the way we hear sound in real life. Spatial audio delivers sounds so each source comes from a defined location in space. This makes each sound clearer and easier for the listener to understand.

Animated line bouncing.
Speakers are more intelligible
Animated circle moving around a person.
Participants feel more present and engaged
Two people chatting with each other.
Powers more natural conversations
animated network of circles
Reduces brain-fatigue (an audio solution for "Zoom fatigue")
Animated speaker
No ducking or clipping speakers
Animated audio graphs bouncing up.
High dynamic range handles simultaneous talkers and nearfield effects without distortion
We integrated High Fidelity's technology with our own audio processing to make Clubhouse conversations feel more natural and immersive.
Justin Uberti
Your support has been swift, and I regret spending as long as I did trying to get [another solution] to behave itself and not switching sooner. I have, in the past few years, worked with over 9 different VoIP systems besides yours, from Flash based RTMP applications, to deeply integrated "run it over your own messaging stack" SDKs. I have never had as few issues with a voice service, as I have had with High Fidelity.
Adam Frisby
CPO at Sine Wave Entertainment Ltd
I have implemented a lot of software in my life and High Fidelity has been a piece of cake.... Our users are just blown away by the audio experience.
Ara Kevonian
CEO at Soundstage
High Fidelity is far better than anything else on the market.
Eric Pulier
CEO at Vatom
We needed to specify our users' locations without sacrificing the quality of the audio. High Fidelity does that perfectly. I'm so happy.
Soo Ling Lim
CEO at Hubbub
Using High Fidelity means much better audio quality, more accurate 3D sound, lower latency, more cross-browser compatibility, many more simultaneous audio streams per room, and a much better experience for everyone.
Andy Baio
CEO at Skittish

Hear Spatial Audio On vs. Off

Listen with headphones for the best experience

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Spatial Audio ON

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