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No Open Roles Currently

Job Perks

  • Work fully remote, in lovely 3D spatial audio (we swear your ears will thank you!)
  • Awesome medical/vision/dental package 
  • Smart, engaged co-workers who value time with co-workers and aid in each other’s growth
  • Flexible paid time off (PTO) program
  • 401(k)

Company Values


Hire and empower people with diverse life experiences

A diverse group of people empowered to affect strategy and product design will create a product and company culture inclusive of those life experiences.


Get to know your co-workers

The quickest path to being a considerate collaborator, mentor or ally, lies through curiosity and understanding of your co-worker. The deeper you strive to see and understand them, the more effective your considerations will be. While doing this, be respectful of your coworkers’ personal boundaries.


Let your co-workers get to know you

If you want your co-workers to interact with you thoughtfully, be an advocate or ally and allow them to get to know you more completely. This does not imply that you are not allowed to have personal boundaries.


Make information discoverable

When a diverse set of people have access to all the information, they can make informed decisions and more easily correct imbalances or corruptions.