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Spatial Audio For Social Audio

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#1 Social Audio App

Deliver the best audio experience to keep users engaged and drive growth.
We integrated High Fidelity's technology with our own audio processing to make Clubhouse conversations feel more natural and immersive.
Justin Uberti
Head of Streaming at Clubhouse
High Fidelity is far better than anything else on the market.
Eric Pulier
|   CEO at Vatom

Implementation Takes Days, Not Weeks

Every detail affects your users' experience — and audio is no exception. High Fidelity's spatial audio SDK is reliable and scalable so you can deliver the best audio experience to your users.

Superior Audio Features

  • ASMR-like nearfield HRTF effects
  • High Dynamic Range audio, handles simultaneous talkers and nearfield effects without distortion
  • Opus Codec for recording-studio quality sound
  • Ability to apply distance/azimuth transforms for 3D applications*
  • High-quality noise-gate to reduce background sounds without distortion of artifacts*

Integration Details

  • C++ SDK contains a command-line app that simulates the mixing of 64 streams, which can be used for testing and benchmarking
  • Self-contained code, no third-party dependencies or libraries
  • Highly optimized for both x86 and ARM processors
  • Compatible with other voice streaming services, like Agora.io or a custom WebRTC stack
  • Compatible with end-to-end encryption transport layers

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