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Real-Time Spatial Audio

The Best Audio Experience for Virtual Events Platforms

Deliver the experience of a live, immersive conversation or performance for groups of any size.

Trusted by our customers:
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Existing solutions fail to simulate an immersive, in-person virtual event.

There is a better way. High Fidelity’s spatial audio enables full developer control over user positioning, loudness, room attenuation, and other aspects of the audio environment.

Our users are just blown away by the audio experience.
Ara Kevonian
CEO at Soundstage
High Fidelity is far better than anything else on the market.
Eric Pulier
CEO at Vatom
We needed to specify our users' locations without sacrificing the quality of the audio. High Fidelity does that perfectly. I'm so happy.
Soo Ling Lim
CEO at Hubbub

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