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Hire and empower people with diverse life experiences

A diverse group of people empowered to affect strategy and product design will create a product and company culture inclusive of those life experiences.


Get to know your co-workers

The quickest path to being a considerate collaborator, mentor or ally, lies through curiosity and understanding of your co-worker. The deeper you strive to see and understand them, the more effective your considerations will be. While doing this, be respectful of your coworkers’ personal boundaries.


Let your co-workers get to know you

If you want your co-workers to interact with you thoughtfully, be an advocate or ally and allow them to get to know you more completely. This does not imply that you are not allowed to have personal boundaries.


Make information discoverable

When a diverse set of people have access to all the information, they can make informed decisions and more easily correct imbalances or corruptions.

Shared Values

These four principles guide everything that we do — how we work together as a team and how we design and build people's experience with our technology:

  • Diversity
  • Communication
  • Empathy
  • Transparency



High Fidelity

This timeline shows select milestones that got us to where we are today since our founding in 2013. Click on a headline for more information or checkout our blog posts:

Company Updates

May 2020: Online Audio Spaces Prototype

High Fidelity was working on a number of internal projects and prototypes in Q1 and Q2 of 2020. We had working prototypes of our 3D audio technology that could now be used via a web browser on nearly any device. In May, we decided to open it up to the public for beta testing. Read more about our thinking here: Come Together, in High Fidelity

December 2019: VR Hardware Fails, Open Source Project Changes
Due to the slow adoption of VR hardware and our desire to build something internet-scale, we reluctantly put our development efforts for head-mounted-displays on ice. Read more about our thinking at the time in, "The Requiem for the HMD."
May 2019: Virtual Workplace, Avatar-creator Mobile App

In our quest to help find the on-ramps to the virtual reality metaverse, we had a revelation: We were using our platform as our virtual headquarters office. "Toward A Digital World" gives some insight to our thinking at the time.

We also launched a 3D avatar creator that allowed you to take a selfie with your phone and customize your own avatar. Learn more about Virtual You, the app we launched into the Apple and Google app stores.

January 2019: Ethereum Pilot
We began testing the trade of High Fidelity Coin (HFC), our cryptocurrency, and Ethereum (ETH). Read more here.
December 2018: High Fidelity Debuts in Oculus Store
November 2018: First VR Festival in VR
FUTVRE LANDS Virtual Reality Festival brought 466 avatars together from 47 countries to celebrate VR with four hours of live entertainment in our virtual festival grounds. The venue was a little bigger than the equivalent of two soccer fields and had four different stage areas, a marketplace bazaar, and more.
October 2018: Load Testing Avatars Together in VR

By mid-2018 we began doing load test events to try and get as many people as possible into one virtual space at the same time — no sharding. During our October 2018 test,  more than 700 visitors from 45 countries joined our October 6 load test, and we reached peak concurrency of 423 people!

Read more about our early VR load tests.

May 2018: Near-field Audio Debuts

After five years in development, we released the first public iteration of our our near-field audio technology designed for virtual world. Read "Whisper In My Virtual Ear."



December 2017: Blockchain Deployed for Digital Asset Registry

High Fidelity launch a distributed digital asset registry that was design to power a virtual worlds economy.

What quickly followed was the ability to exchange payments between avatars on the blockchain.



June 2015: HTC Vive and Oculus Rift, Together

Thanks to our investors, we got our hands on a developer kit of the HTC Vive in the spring of 2015. 

And in July we had it working within High Fidelity along with an Oculus Rift — in the same virtual space. Read more about the "First Contact."

April 2014: Open Alpha Release and Marketplace 0.1

The first iteration of a basic marketplace was launched and designed to be a sharing point for world-builders wanting to share digital assets like scripts, avatars, building materials, educational tools, and other things needed to create VR content.

April 2013: VR, 3D Audio, Bringing Avatars to Life

Build a virtual world for VR

In 2012, the first generation of consumer-grade VR hardware came to life with Oculus's Kickstarter campaign, which raised $2.5 million, and subsequently sold to Facebook in 601 days after that. High Fidelity's mission has always been to build the next generation of virtual worlds — so we started building "the internet for VR."

Read the company's official launch annoucement in the blog post from April 2013.

This was our first logo!

High Fidelity Logo 2013

Designing Spatialized Audio

From the beginning we have focused on creating an audio experience to make it engaging and immersive for people to use. We continue to build on our patented technology today. 

Read more about our design thinking here.

Bringing Avatars to Life

Our first attempt to bring avatars to life involved capturing data on movement, facial, and gaze information from as many channels or devices as we can and streaming this data, along with very high quality audio, at low latency and high FPS.

Read more about our early prototypes.



Seth Alves

R&D Engineer

Jazmin Cano

Accessibility Product Manager

Ken Cooke

Audio R&D Engineer

Luis Cuenca Montes

Software Engineer

Ryan Downe Karpf

Co-founder + CCO

Zach Fox

Technical Lead: Client Team

Samuel Gateau

Technical Lead: World Team

Maia Hansen

VP Engineering

Ashleigh Harris


Irena Freidrica Heiberger

Co-founder + Advisor

Emily Iwankovitsch

Social Media Marketing Manager

Andrew Meadows

Software Engineer

Jessica Nunn

Director of Customer Success

Philip Rosedale

Co-founder + CEO

Bridie Saccocio

Senior Technical Program Manager

Joy Scharmen

Director of Infrastructure

Sabrina Shanman

Software Engineer

Roxanne Skelly

Software Engineer

Rebecca Stankus

Software Engineer

Howard Stearns

Technical Lead: Mixer Team

Alan Zimmerman

Art Director