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3D Models from Clara.io Now Available in High Fidelity

Browse and import thousands of 3D models from inside High Fidelity

To access Clara.io’s model library in High Fidelity, open your Marketplace tablet, pick “Other Marketplaces” and select Clara.io. The models you choose will show up right in front of you in virtual reality. As soon as they are imported, these objects can be grabbed with your hands and moved around, resized, or animated with JavaScript. (NOTE: you’ll need editing rights in the location where you start experimenting.)


Interacting with 3D content is a big part of what makes VR environments so special. But to make that magic happen, and meet the planet-sized promise of virtual spaces, creators will want to have access to huge numbers of digital assets. There is amazing, forward-looking work being done both for content creation using VR hand controllers and for 3D photogrammetric capture from the real world. But neither option have yet matched the volume and quality of existing 3D content. We hope that this integration represents the first step in unlocking existing content for use in High Fidelity VR.

Clara.io is a community of around a quarter of a million creators who build and share their own 3D content. Clara.io offers tools to create and edit 3D assets in the browser and a place to store them.

In addition to integrating Clara.io’s library directly with High Fidelity’s in-world Marketplace, we’ve also collaborated with Exocortex Technologies (the company that owns Clara.io) on programmatic tools to help ensure that these new assets are compatible with High Fidelity requirements.

Working with Clara.io team has been a great experience. We look at this as a solid basis from which we can further expand the Marketplace. We also hope we’ll see Clara.io users jump into High Fidelity to play with and share their fantastic creations.

Keep an eye out for further joint announcements with the Clara.io team — we’re working on additional projects with them!


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Published by High Fidelity January 1, 2017

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