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A Worklist Primer: How It Works, and Where You Fit In

We’ve noticed a little confusion about how the Worklist program works. There’s only one thing that we hate more than confusion — those little spiky seeds that stick to socks on long hikes — so let’s fix this.

We move fast around here, and we have a team that’s surprisingly small, given the amount of work that gets done. As the graphic below shows, there are many things that need to be created, fixed, and completed during the development process, and Worklist keeps track of everything.

Worklist allows our developer heroes to pick the things they want to work on. They think of a solution, get help from the community, post their results, and get paid. Meanwhile, we know exactly who is working on what, how far along things are, and what still needs to be done.

Most of the interaction happens between the designer and the developer, and we give them free rein to figure out the solution and test it. Worklist contributors really are a part of the team; we’re not going to look over shoulders or hold hands.

The best part is that contributors don’t have to know how to solve a whole problem. Worklist allows them to help in whatever way they can, even Documentation, and combine their efforts with those of others. Wait, the best part is actually that everyone who helps out gets paid. We think you’ll agree.

Let’s take a look at a few examples. One that we’ve mentioned recently is the work being done by ctrlaltdavid to integrate the Leap Motion sensor into HiFi. Meanwhile, DaveDubUK is working tirelessly to improve character animations so they can keep up with increasingly accurate input. Some of these Worklist jobs aren’t so visible, but they still make a big difference on the back end. For instance, huffman is implementing autocomplete functionality that will make the coding process easier.

It gets even more meta than that. Chinna007 recently redesigned the landing page for Worklist itself, making it easier to find information and tell what stage each project is at.

Basically, it’s a little anthill in here. There are plenty of jobs to do, each essential, and carried out by a bunch of individuals working in tandem to create something amazing. And Worklist is what makes all this possible.

So what are you waiting for?

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Published by High Fidelity December 10, 2014

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