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All Aboard the Welcome Wagon!

We recently changed the first experience for High Fidelity users.

High Fidelity is a based on the belief that users should be able to build and share their own content. The platform is in fact a network of separate environments, each running on different hardware. We hope the High Fidelity network grows into a vast community of diverse experiences.

The challenge for us is how we introduce this breadth of opportunity to users.

To solve this problem, the Welcome Wagon was designed to carry users from one virtual environment to the next, providing an opportunity for users to experience a sampling of the experiences possible in High Fidelity.

How Does the Welcome Wagon Work?

New users show up in the Welcome Wagon’s current location to acclimatize to VR, explore, and meet new people. When the Welcome Wagon is about to move along to a new domain, people are invited to get aboard. Anyone inside the Welcome Wagon when it relocates comes along for the ride to the next destination. There they can disembark and check out their new surroundings. Each stop on the Welcome Wagon’s trail has an assortment of accessories you can add to your avatar.
3D wearables in High Fidelity's VR platform, like hats, food, and other 3D avatar accessories.
Each location has thematic avatar accessories.

Where the Welcome Wagon Goes

To kick-off, we have six domains on the Welcome Wagon route:

  • Minigolf — a simple 9 hole course, featuring selected attractions from last year’s minigolf design competition
  • Voxeltopia — a domain dedicated to voxel painting
  • Playa — a desert-like domain inspired by Burning Man
  • Mexico — a festive domain that is inspired by Día de los Muertos
  • Cupcake — a brightly lit domain ideal for anyone with a sweet tooth
  • Pumpkin — a harvest festival domain with corn mazes and trampolines
Different 3D domains to explore in High Fidelity's open source platform, like Mexico, Minigolf, Playa, and more.
Times shown in Pacific timezone.

Previous “Welcome” now a “Maker” Domain

If you’re curious about what happened to our previous “Welcome” domain, it’s been retooled as the “Maker” workshop for creators. This is a new destination for content creators to gather and learn from one another, socialize, collaborate, and showcase their latest and greatest creations. We’re also hoping to host events in this domain for those who want to get their hands dirty in creating things in-world.

Come Aboard!

Hop into High Fidelity, pull up your tablet, hit GoTo, and enter “Welcome” to get to the Welcome Wagon’s current location. Check it out and let us know what you think!

Happy travels!

3D domain "Minigolf" in High Fidelity's VR platform.

Bird’s eye view of the Minigolf domain.


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Published by Janet J. Lee July 19, 2017

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