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Creating NPCs with the Limitless System

Limitless is a recently launched platform that makes it possible to create high quality, interactive NPCs for games and VR experiences. And it will soon be available to High Fidelity users!

The applications for voice-responsive NPCs in VR are incredibly broad and exciting. Voice may, in fact, end up being a key part of the interaction model for users in VR.

In the short run, we’re excited to see what kinds of new and exciting capabilities users will be able to implement using the Limitless platform.

Limitless is providing an example framework for implementing NPCs using JavaScript in High Fidelity, a demonstration project to help users get started, and (most importantly) access to their back end servers to process user voice input. With our next update, we’ll also be adding a tutorial and demonstration domain that includes all of the code and features necessary to build and launch your own Limitless NPC.

The service will be available for free, including voice capture and translation. We anticipate that Limitless will continue to offer a free option going forward.

The video below provides a simple demonstration of the Limitless features. The experience looks simple but includes a number of complex components: The Limitless service triggers an interaction based on the actions by a user (including proximity); The service injects recorded voice track into the spatialized audio feed; the service captures audio from the user; the service processes the audio and responds with an answer. The result is a seamless interactive experience for the user.

The demonstration domain (hifi://Limitless) will be available with challenging riddles soon!

Published by High Fidelity March 29, 2017

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