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Experimenting with New UI Modes in Virtual Reality

By its nature, virtual reality is intuitive for users moving around in 3D space. It models a way of interacting that we’re all intimately familiar with in the real world.

Conversely, however, there are certain things we do with computers that don’t immediately lend themselves to expression in virtual reality. Take standard system tasks like configuring settings or making online purchases. These types of interactions have historically been handled using 2D pop-up UIs. While great in traditional applications, these are not necessarily optimal for VR, where pop-ups seem unnatural and detract from your immersion in the virtual world.

At High Fidelity, we are experimenting with ways to bring some of these functional elements into 3D in ways that feel more natural. The video below demonstrates one such experiment: a tablet — a real-world object familiar to many — being used to manage a process that would otherwise require the user to pull up a 2D interface, effectively taking them out of their 3D experience.


Hop in to High Fidelity and see how our Marketplace tablet feels to you! If you’re new to High Fidelity, you can download it right here.

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Published by High Fidelity September 12, 2016

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