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Express Your Individuality — Try Our Wooden Mannequin Avatar!

The Power of Choice

Choice in how we represent ourselves to others is empowering. We choose how we’d like to dress up every day. It’s a way to share our taste, personality, aesthetic preferences, and sense of individuality.

In virtual reality, choice goes beyond dress to the very bodies we choose to wear. In High Fidelity, users can create their own avatars or use one of the many avatar types that we’ve already integrated with (e.g. Morph customizable avatars and Doob3D photo-real scans).

Our Latest Avatar: The Wooden Mannequin

Earlier this month, we added a wooden mannequin to the roster of avatars in the Marketplace. This avatar is available as a default for new users.

The magic of the mannequin lies in the many different personas you can create from such a simple base. The mannequin works with over 90 avatar attachments available in the Welcome domain and in the Marketplace.

Personalize With Accessories

The avatar accessory categories include the following:

  • Hats, hair & head attachments
  • Belts, skirts, other hip-joint attachments
  • Backpacks and other spine joint attachments
  • Leg and shin joint attachments
  • Scarves, necklaces, neck joint attachments
  • Bracelets and arm-joint attachments
  • Glasses, masks, and other facial accessories
 Browse around our accessories rack located in the Welcome area!Browse around our accessories rack located in the Welcome area!

These wearable attachments fit on different joints to the default avatar skeleton; you can attach and remove these accessories and make adjustments as needed.

We believe everyone has a unique story to tell and a distinct personality to share with others in High Fidelity VR.

Feeling extra goofy or fantastical? Try a hot dog hat or butterfly wings. Feeling edgy or hipster? Try punk rock armbands or beards.

We believe everyone has a unique story to tell and a distinct personality to share with others. Why not do it with a virtual reality avatar?

What Can You Show Us?

Try out the wooden mannequin avatar with accessories today, and tell us what you think. Even better, we’d love to see your personalized avatar! Use our in-world snapshot feature and tag #HiFiMe on social media to showcase your latest avatar look.

And for those who’d like to create unique accessories and make them available for to others, we’d love for you to submit your creations (you must be logged in to do so) to the High Fidelity Marketplace!

 We believe everyone has a unique story to tell and a distinct personality to share with others in High Fidelity VR.

As Henry David Thoreau once said, “be yourself — not your idea of what you think somebody else’s idea of yourself should be.”

Who would you like to be today? We’re looking forward to seeing you in High Fidelity!


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Published by Janet J. Lee June 15, 2017

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