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High Fidelity Now Rezzed in the Oculus Store

Big news! High Fidelity is now available for download on the Oculus Store as part of the Early Access program. You can now access the High Fidelity app for free directly from the Oculus site or within the virtual store with their HMD.

Oculus Early Access is for ‘playable VR experiences which are still in development’. That’s certainly an accurate description for us, but also something of a technical milestone. It’s the culmination of the work we’ve been doing on the audio, physics engine, texture rendering, avatar movement, and creator tools, not to mention the updates to the Marketplace, HFC and all those load tests to ensure scaling. It all adds up to an immersive and engaging first experience for new Oculus users.

Unlike many other Oculus apps, High Fidelity opens the door to limitless possibilities in VR. However people find us, they will always discover something new. For the curious, there are worlds to explore. For the social, there are people to meet. For those who want to learn, there are educational experiences. For creators, there is limitless potential to capture any imagination. And for those who simply want to be entertained, there are live events and games. New users will find events, like the recent FUTVRE LANDS virtual reality festival, attended by about 500 people who came together to enjoy live music and entertainment.

It’s literally a new virtual reality that’s about real, authentic human connections and experiences. And now it’s just behind the button in the Oculus Store waiting to be discovered. (Or, as always, by direct download on our website or on Steam.)

Just the thought of those people, many of whom won’t know what to expect getting into High Fidelity for the first time, and the journey they are just beginning, is what motivates us. Every new user enriches the community. Welcome!


Published by High Fidelity December 21, 2018

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