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High Fidelity VR Salons: from Blockchain to Avatar Identity

Last week, we held an in-world salon with High Fidelity CEO Philip Rosedale and Coinbase co-founder Fred Ehrsam. The event was our second live VR event at the newly created Zaru theater. We captured Fred’s conversation with our CEO, Philip Rosedale in its entirety. Check out the long form video below to see what they said about blockchain and how it might be used for user identity management:


As a follow-on to this event, we’re hosting our next VR salon on Friday, March 3rd with our friends from Morph3D. Last year, Morph3D announced their consumer-focused avatar creation tool “Ready Room”. Ready Room allows users to configure and clothe avatars in real time and then deploy them to platforms like High Fidelity.

During the event with Morph3D, we’ll be reviewing the avatars created with Ready Room and talking about the avatar creation process, current innovations in building and modifying avatars, and how the capabilities to create avatars will evolve in the future.

The event will be broken into two parts:

  • Join us at 3pm PST on Friday, March 3rd in-world at Zaru to take a crack at building your own avatar.
  • At 4pm PST, we’ll be heading inside the theater to talk with the Morph team about their current projects and thoughts for the future of in-world avatar creation.

Want to attend? Please RSVP right here. Thank you!


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Published by High Fidelity February 23, 2017

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