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Introducing the New Documentation Resource

You may have noticed an exciting new addition to our site recently. Perhaps “exciting” is relative because few people appreciate how much fun a good instruction manual can be. But we do.

We’ve revealed the Documentation for our HiFi technology, and you should take a look.

This section of our site covers everything from how to use Interface, to technical information about the underlying code and how to make scripts for it. We envision this as being the one-stop resource for everything HiFi.

What’s more, we want you to be a part of it. We’ve opened up Documentation to anyone who wants to contribute. The more the merrier. Or at least, the more the comprehensive … er. And accurater? Whatever, we’re better at software than pithy catchphrases. Basically, we think that the smart people out there are great at filling in holes we haven’t even noticed yet and lending their own experience to this knowledgebase, which will eventually benefit everyone who wants to use it.

In fact, you don’t even have to write something to contribute. If you see a need for addition or clarification in Documentation, add a job on Worklist, which will help point other contributors to potential needs. If it gets picked up and completed, you get paid!

The Documentation section of our site is really a living document, and we want it to grow and improve with the software itself. Help us make this happen. Whether you want to contribute or just learn more about what’s going on, head over to Documentation and tell us what you think.

Add Spatial Audio to Native Apps -- Find Out More

Published by High Fidelity November 5, 2014

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