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Marketplace 0.1

We’ve now gotten a very basic marketplace working, initially meant to be a sharing point for world-builders wanting to share digital assets like scripts, avatars, building materials, educational tools, and other things needed to create VR content. You can bring it up using the ‘Market’ button on the edit tool. Then, you can drag things you find in the marketplace directly into the world.

Right now, the marketplace simply allows you to upload assets for a general audience that you want to freely share with everyone. Obviously, you need to fully own the rights to anything you upload to us. Also, assets need to be of good quality and generally usable by others. We’ll review submitted content as it is put up, and try to keep it a high-quality list.

Long term, we see the marketplace as one of the key services that we can offer to be useful to creators of shared VR spaces. We will help make it easy to move digital goods safely and securely from one place or person to another, with a payment system when appropriate, and with features like tagging items to make it easy to see where something was bought, and systems for derivative payments to make it easy for people with different skills to re-mix and re-sell each other’s work.

Next, we will add more features, roughly in the following order, including:

Usage data: You will be able to see how many times assets have been used by others. We’ll also use this usage data to sort search results.

In-world attribution tags: You will be able to inspect things you find in-world, both to verify that they were purchased from the marketplace, as well as allowing you to jump to the marketplace to get one of your own. This is the core service that we think will effectively help to manage digital rights: the ability to verify valid purchases with the marketplace. In other words, although it will certainly be possible to copy things, it will also be easy for anyone in the public to validate that things were legitimately purchased.

Payment Options: As mentioned in our prior posts, we will probably initially tie asset payments to credits earned sharing computing resources with others (which is not yet enabled but also coming soon). Then real-world currencies. And yes, we are thinking about crypto-currencies and blockchains. :)


Published by High Fidelity April 1, 2015

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