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Mobile App "Virtual You: 3D Avatar Creator" Now Available

by Ashleigh Harris Chief Marketing Officer

UPDATE, October 2021: Although our "Virtual You" app and VR platform have been discontinued, our core component of Spatial Audio definitely has not been. Learn more about our Local Spatializer for native apps here, or our API here.

(Old blog post follows...)

Exciting news! We’ve just launched a new app on the Apple and Google Play stores, "Virtual You: 3D Avatar Creator," developed with the help of our friends at Wolf3D.

Now you can create a 3D avatar that looks like you in less than five minutes! Snap a selfie, customize your hair, facial, and body attributes, select your outfit and send your personalized avatars directly to your High Fidelity account. Boom! You get a 3D version of you. Create as many versions of your avatar as you want, with different hairstyles, make-up, and endless clothing combinations. Bring your avatars into virtual reality.

  • Choose from thousands of wardrobe combinations
  • Create as many avatars as you want
  • Change your avatar anytime 
  • Requires a High Fidelity user account
  • Avatars are compatible for use with applications built with High Fidelity’s open source software

As you know, we’ve been heads-down testing a product for virtual workspaces. We’ve seen the power of personalized avatars at creating a sense of presence, especially for teammates who are physically remote from one another. Whether they’re hopping into a private quiet space for a quick 1:1, meeting in a conference room or gathering in a cafe for coffee, avatars that are recognizable make communication easier and more organic. 

They’re also practical. Non-human avatars are an amazing way to express your creativity, but they may not work well in a professional context. Using an avatar that resembles you also eliminates the self-consciousness around video calls — no more fretting about messy hair or need to worry about that toothpaste dribble on your shirt. 

All that said, the avatar app is designed to work with any High Fidelity virtual spaces. Whether you’re using High Fidelity for business or fun, Virtual You: 3D Avatar Creator is a great place to start.

Our goal has always been to bring virtual reality to 1 billion people. 3D avatars have always been a critical element of VR, and we need an intuitive, smartphone-based solution to take this technology to the masses. Launching this easy-to-use avatar creator is an important step, and we’re excited to keep improving it with your feedback. You can check out the official press release here.


Published by Ashleigh Harris September 19, 2019

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