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NEWSLETTER | October 2015



Mouth tracking from BinaryVR

We have been fortunate to work with so many great entrepreneurs doing amazing stuff with VR hardware, BinaryVR is one of these companies. BinaryVR develops facial expression tracking technology for virtual reality, enabling users to create a personalized 3D face from 2D facial photos to track and retarget their facial animations in real-time in any transformed CG character or avatar mode. BinaryVR have integrated their technology into High Fidelity, allowing your mouth to be tracked while in the HMD.

More avatar IK

In our September update we showed how we are moving the upper torso and head using the HMD and hand controller. This month we continued that work and expanded it to include the knees. We are making the knees accurately bend based on the position of the hand controllers and HMD, and will be continuing to work and expect more next month.


If you watch the monthly video above, you can see the additional work on the fun things you can interact with using hand controllers and HMD. Everything you see in the video is made with javascript.


Philip recently presented at the SEA-VR event. VentureBeat did a great write up of our talk.

Look out for some more exciting updates in November.

Add Spatial Audio to Native Apps -- Find Out More

Published by High Fidelity November 2, 2015

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