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Paloma’s JavaScript Project

Paloma is a 17 year old high school student learning JavaScript, and has been one of our High Fidelity interns this summer. We wanted to see what she’d be able to build with the capabilities we’ve created thus far for making interactive content in the virtual world. In this interview with our very own Chris Collins, she shows and tells what she built: a cool visualizer that makes travelling towers of voxel columns in response to her voice or music.


The low latency of High Fidelity means that in-world content (in this case some voxels) can respond to the sound of voices with a delay that is visually imperceptible, which opens up a bunch of new creative content areas for the virtual world. Plus it is good validation that a student who is early in her programming career can jump in and have fun quickly building something this involved.

Add Spatial Audio to Native Apps -- Find Out More

Published by High Fidelity August 13, 2014

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