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Recording Yourself as an NPC

Throughout the history of media capture and playback, we have looked for opportunities to save and return to moments in time that are important to us. While we once saved moments with paintings, photographs, and video, we’ve now moved into the age of live streaming and are continuing to drive innovations around storing and saving memories and actions. Virtual reality enables us to take that to another level, where we can create versions of ourselves that persist in a digital space — not a bad option while we wait for those futuristic cloning technologies to catch up!

With High Fidelity, you have full control over your domains and the content within them — including the ability to save and play back specific actions, dialogue, and behaviors at a given point in time. Recording tools built into the platform enable you to capture and record your own avatar, including body movements and audio, to attach to an agent that can play in your virtual world.

The possibilities for self-recorded avatar playback, giving anyone the power to create their own non-player characters (NPCs), are endless, especially as we begin to think about ways that recordings and personalities can be attached to natural language processing algorithms and sentiment analysis technologies for interactive AI. An instructor could hold classes in VR around the clock by playing back an agent running a lecture that they recorded in their own avatar, or museum tour guides could take you through virtual spaces and answer questions. With anyone able to host their own domains and create worlds in High Fidelity, the ability to record and play back avatars adds to the immersion, warmth, and knowledge-sharing potential of shared social spaces.

We’ve recently updated our documentation to add a tutorial for creating your own NPCs based on your avatar movements and behaviors. Ready to add your presence to the virtual world? We have several Worklist tasks available to create avatars and record NPCs. We can’t wait to see what you create!

Tutorial: Avatar Standards Guide


Published by High Fidelity February 22, 2017

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