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Rock-Paper-Scissors Showdown: Using Leap Motion at High Fidelity

We’re still working on great things over here, and since the Interdimensional Teleportation Satchel isn’t quite ready for public demo, we thought we should show you something relatively new in our virtual worlds.


With the integration of the Leap Motion sensor, a new tradition has evolved during in-world meetups. As you can see in the video above, we’re addicted to Rock-Paper-Scissors competitions. This match is particularly notable because until recently Chris has been the reigning champion within High Fidelity. Our compliments to Ozan for unseating him.

Office grudge matches aside, this is a great example of how well the Leap Motion works with Interface to allow fine control of avatar fingers. Instead of using a bulky motion rig, the Leap Motion is sensing individual movements of the arms, hands, and fingers with a small infrared sensor.

Ozan’s victory not only shows the success of our integration with Leap Motion, but also the ongoing success of our Worklist program. The person who made all this possible, ctrlaltdavid doesn’t work for us directly; instead, he is one of the many developers who contribute to our work through Worklist. A while back, we mentioned that ctrlaltdavid was hard at work integrating the Leap Motion sensor with Interface, and now you can see the fruit of his labors. We’re proud to have him and all the other Worklist contributors in our HiFi family.

There’s one more detail that makes the video even more interesting. Normally the Leap Motion sits on the desk, but we’ve found it works well when mounted on the front of Oculus Rift goggles. This lets the sensor more accurately portray the movement of hands and fingers for the user. As you can see, it allows us to boogie in the privacy of our virtual club.

To answer any questions about the quality of the dancing at the end, the Leap Motion accurately represented their moves; Chris and Ozan just need dance lessons.

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Published by High Fidelity November 24, 2014

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