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Welcome, Tony Parisi

Tony has just joined us as an advisor, and is also working with us on some secret High Fidelity stuff that is coming soon. His bio is here. He’s a perfect person to add to the High Fidelity team.

I moved to San Francisco in 1994, and even then was obsessed with the idea of creating a shared virtual world across many computers. The internet revolution had just begun, and my new city was the epicenter. Coming from San Diego, I had been used to feeling like I was the only person crazy enough to be thinking about this stuff. Then one night I wandered into a virtual reality user group meeting at the Exploratorium, and these two guys were presenting this new language they had co-created for doing exactly this: describing and sharing 3D scenes and objects across the internet. Those guys were Tony Parisi and Mark Pesce, the language was VRML, and I ate up everything I could find on the early internet about it.

What we we are building at High Fidelity is a bigger project than any one designer or company. To bring virtual reality to everyone will mean a broad set of standards and open systems, and Tony has been designing and championing big pieces of those standards for his whole career, most recently with WebGL. Here is a recent slideshow from Tony on this very topic:



Add Spatial Audio to Native Apps -- Find Out More

Published by High Fidelity August 21, 2014

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