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Changes to High Fidelity’s Privacy Policy

Changes to High Fidelity’s Privacy Policy

We invite you to check out High Fidelity’s revised privacy policy here.

Our new privacy policy documents the specific forms of personal information we request from users to create an account, and how you can make a request to have key identifying information removed from our systems.

We also detail the additional information we collect to help us improve the High Fidelity platform. The volume of behavioral and movement data that can be collected from a VR user is significant; we detail what we collect, how it is used, and how and when we dispose of the data we record.

In addition, the privacy policy documents the third-party systems we use to provide certain online services to users, with details of the privacy and personal data management policies in place with those companies.

We welcome your feedback on our privacy policy and your insights on how we can continue to improve our protection of your personal data here.

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Published by Thomas Schofield May 24, 2018
Thomas Schofield

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