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We're working on a bold, innovative virtual reality platform that's designed to get the best results from your remote team.

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High Fidelity is an open-source virtual reality software platform helping 3D artists, developers, and creators build virtual reality spaces for up to 500 people.

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Four people sitting, discussing the metaverse and how High Fidelity's open source platform helps them build it.

Gain recognition by building the metaverse with fellow creators

  • Take control of your virtual space and creations
  • Have an impact on the community
  • Decide who can access your places to ensure toxic-free experiences

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Step 1

Sign-Up + Download

To get started, create your free account, download High Fidelity, and launch the application.

Free Open-source & Easy to Join

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3D avatar model Max in High Fidelity, a young African woman standing in a desert festival environment
Step 2

Select or Create Your Avatar

Your avatar is your in-world representation of you. It's your identity. Learn more about avatars here.

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Free Open-source & Easy to Join

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Glowing blue support avatar standing in Welcome, a virtual environment where users learn the basics of High Fidelity
Step 3

Take a Tour

You will start in-world at our "Welcome" area where you will find High Fidelity's Helpers (real people!) most hours of the day. They can give you a brief intro and answer any questions you might have.

Free Open-source & Easy to Join

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3D world in High Fidelity VR of Philip Rosedale (as 3D avatar) talking with another 3D avatar on a stage at a community meeting.
Step 4

Connect + Create

Check out upcoming community events where you can meet other users, discover new experiences, learn new skills, and much more. Join our weekly General Assembly in hifi://roundtable where users can ask questions and discuss all-things VR with High Fidelity's team.

Creator spotlight

See what others are building in High Fidelity

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  • places
  • effects
  • other

Happy Boombox

Play music in your virtual space.

Cyberpunk Apartment

A complete environment that will replace all the content in your Sandbox domain.


A shy, anxious looking monster avatar.


A simple water shader.

Animated Fairy Wings

These beautiful wings can be attached to any avatar.

Priscilla: Photoreal Avatar

This detailed, photorealistic avatar was created using a real model.


This skybox shows the Earth, the moon and the Sun from a vantage point in space.


Send out cables to latch onto and pull you towards distant objects.


New users monthly in High Fidelity


Items in Marketplace


Items sold in Marketplace

Virtual Marketplace

Build, Share, Sell. Create one-of-a-kind elements to sell and distribute into the metaverse.
How To Create

Get started

Walkthroughs, Guides, Video Tutorials and more to connect the dots and help you achieve your creative vision in High Fidelity

Earn income      Contribute

Submit a bug      Developer roadmap

Documentation & More

Make an impact

High Fidelity gives you 100% control over your creations. No Regulations. No Censorship. VR platforms shouldn’t limit creative expression.

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