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We're working on a bold, innovative virtual reality platform that's designed to get the best results from your remote team.

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High Fidelity is an open-source virtual reality software platform helping 3D artists, developers, and creators build virtual reality spaces for up to 500 people.

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Collaborate Like You're In A Physical Office

We’re working on a bold, innovative virtual reality platform that’s designed to help make working on a remote team more effective and fun. Remote work no longer means you have to slog through asynchronous communication and sacrifice your team’s ability to collaborate and create.

Fluid Conversation Over Asynchronous Communication


Unified Team Over Siloed Players


Culture Over Disconnection


Creative Collaboration Over Isolation


Built For High-Performance Remote Teams

Your team will experience all the benefits of a physical office, from where ever they want to work.

Eliminate Boundaries

Bring your remote team together in a virtual HQ. 

Build Team Culture

Offer powerful perks and build an inclusive team culture.

Communication Revolution

Reduce reliance on one-at-a-time messaging apps and platforms.

Create Fluid Conversations

Have face-to-face meetings, brainstorm sessions, and fluid conversations without the video conference friction. 

Existing Tools Don't Solve Remote Collaboration Challenges

The ideal picture of remote work is a pretty picture. You're fully engaged and collaborating with your team from anywhere in the world. But the reality is often very different. 

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You Need To Feel Connected To Do Your Greatest Work

Our new platform connects teams from all over the world in a highly collaborative, unified way. With High Fidelity, you can finally resolve the common remote work friction, such as communication lag, low morale, and disconnected teams that hinder you from doing your best work. 

The State of Remote Work

"To combat feelings of loneliness within distributed teams, many virtual managers schedule interactivities like virtual parties and coffee chats. While these are fun and are crucial tools for building interpersonal trust over distance, it’s not solving the problem.”

- Forbes
"Remote work's benefits are pretty clear: freedom, comfort, and potentially more time with friends and family.

However, there are big downsides in being disconnected, including loneliness and isolation. These two issues have been linked to an increased likeliness to quit a job, says a report in Reuters."
- LinkedIn
"Many of the folks who join the Buffer team are working remotely for the first time, and we’ve found it to be incredibly important to help our new teammates learn that human connection is an important part of our remote work culture."
- Fast Company
"21% of remote workers also have concerns about communication and collaboration. This means the danger of remote isolation isn’t just social, it’s informational."
- Forbes

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