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roadmap-arrows-imgHere's what is in progress, what's planned, and what we're considering for the future!


Currently in Progress:

  • iOS SDK
  • Unity SDK

Planned for Development:

  • Increasing the capacity of a single space to handle more than 120 concurrent connections
  • Privacy zones with audio occlusion, i.e. rectangular regions akin to rooms, through which sound cannot pass into the rest of the space
  • One-on-one private audio connections
  • Blocking (and re-enabling) selected audio sources
  • Video capabilities: individuals in a space may choose to be on camera and be seen by others in the same space

Considering for Later:

  • Video: broadcasting/streaming for an audience in the space
  • Audio occlusion maps that create realistic audio reflections and attenuation
  • Optional text captioning
  • Voice modifiers/morphing
  • Voice obfuscation--rendering a specific audio source audible yet unintelligible
  • Audio broadcast support for thousands of listeners
  • Unreal support
  • C++ support


Thoughts? We'd love to hear your feedback and ideas on what you think we should add next. Drop us a line at support@highfidelity.com. Thank you!


Read more about what we're building and stay up to date on the latest announcements on our blog